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// music // 

Ethimm - By Night (Remixes)
Ethimm - By Night
Ethimm - Golden Days
Various Artists - Make Some Room
Various Artists - Relight
Ethimm - When in dark
Ethimm - Hello, we are Ethimm and we’re from nowhere

// fine art //

Performance for Abraham Cruzvillegas at Kunsthaus Zürich
Writing music for Monika Stalder’s exhibition XIII Moons
Writing and performing a movement for Marinella Senatore’s Zurich Parade at Kunsthaus Zürich
Soundinstallation for an exhibition with Monika Stalder
Curating an exhibition of Ethiopian anthiques
Curating an exhibition of Matt McClune for Galerie Mark Müller

// client projects //

Podcast series for the Widder Hotel, Zurich in collaboration with Lisa Feldmann
Soundtracking the AW 18 collection for Julian Zigerli
Soundtracking for swiss furniture company Interio
Hazed - an evening of experimental music
Soundtracking the brand video for Stoll Kaffee
Soundtracking the SS 14 collection for Julian Zigerli and Katharina Grosse
Podcasts and pirate radio for Sound Development City

// other //

Crowdfunding a soundsystem in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Acting in Another Man by Len Sander
Acting in Disco Sissis by Lyricas Analas

// about //

Hi, I’m Lukas. I run a music studio in Zürich, Switzerland and engage in various activities as an artist, producer, curator and adventurer. I frequently work with collaborators, such as Projekt Interim, the Widder Hotel, Monika Stalder, Dezentrum, ValeFritz, Jeff, Studio Achermann, Strauhof, Julian Zigerli, Kunsthaus Zürich, Georgina Casparis, Hillton, Forward Festival, Stoll Kaffee, Galerie Mark Müller and Heller Enterprises

I’m always open to great ideas and passionate people, so if you think we should collaborate, get in touch! You can also catch my regular dose of madness on instagram.